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Metal free crowns in Little Neck

Best dentist in Little Neck
Best dentist in Little Neck

Great Neck Natural Smiles is your best dentist in Little Neck for metal free crowns. In the past, metal crowns were very popular. But now we use other materials such as ceramic as a safer material for crowns. Ceramic is a good way to cap off teeth with crowns in a way that matches the teeth naturally around it. Ceramic crowns are sturdy and are close to the shade of natural teeth. They are used for root canals as well as broken or chipped teeth.

A root canal is done when the pulp inside the tooth has been damaged. It helps us to save the tooth and then top it off with a crown that can help us save the tooth and have functioning teeth again. For more information on these and other services, give us a call today. Our staff as well as best dentist in Little Neck is on hand to answer all of your questions. We know that patients may have questions about their dental care, and need a safe ear when they call and someone who is knowledgeable enough to help them walk them through the process of their dental care. We’ll help you understand each procedure that needs to be done, as well as talk to you about your future dental care and how to keep your teeth healthy for many years to come.

You can check out our website, make appointments there as well as learn more about our dentist. We are also on social media and updated frequently with the latest in dental technology, as well as our office. Our practice has been serving the area for many years, and we provide plenty of parking and easy to get directions on our website. Our best dentist in Little Neck is here for all your dental needs.

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