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Invisalign Braces in Great Neck

Great Neck Invisalign
Great Neck Invisalign

If you want to correct your bite or improve the alignment of your teeth, then you will need to seek out orthodontic care. Depending on your specific needs, you may be eligible for several different oral appliances or different kinds of braces. Some people would prefer braces there are as subtle in appearance as possible. In which case Invisalign or invisible braces May be an option that you will want to consider if you happen to be one of these individuals. To learn more about Great Neck Invisalign, we here at the offices of Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC can help provide you with more information as well as with a complete evaluation that will determine whether you are eligible for this procedure.

The reason why traditional metal braces are most commonly prescribed is because they are the most versatile and the most affordable orthodontic option. For some individuals, options like Great Neck Invisalign are possibile. Like traditional braces, invisible braces use the power of physics to gently guide teeth into a straighter formation to improve appearance and to improve the shape of your bite. Instead of using brackets or wires, invisible braces use a clear plastic that is molded to fit over your teeth. This plastic is virtually invisible once molded and placed in your mouth. Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC will check up on your progression and will generally have you re-fitted for a new set of trays about once every two weeks or so in order to update them and make sure that they are helping your teeth move gently over time. Invisible braces are great because they are virtually invisible, hence the name, and because they are incredibly easy to take care of. You can easily take them out whenever you eat or whenever you brush your teeth so taking care of them is a cinch.

If you would like to learn more about Great Neck Invisalign and whether invisible braces are right for you, feel free to call us here at the offices of Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC to book your complete evaluation today.

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