Pediatric Dentist in Little Neck

Pediatric Dentist in Little Neck

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It is important that baby teeth are taken care of and that any early issues are addressed and treated as quickly as possible. If not, then more intensive oral surgery may be required to improve dental performance. Here at Great Neck Natural Smiles, our pediatric dentist in Little Neck can help children with a number of different issues, including thumb sucking, which can have more of an affect on your child’s dental health than you realize.

Kids tend to suck on their thumbs for comfort. This practice is part instinctual and is similar to the feeling children get when breastfeeding or eating from a bottle full of baby formula. This association with nourishment and nutrients can help kids when they feel anxious, afraid, or even simply tired and comfortable. Most kids forgo thumbsucking or pacifier sucking when they are young, but other children may have a difficult time kicking the habit for one reason or another. This can pose problems as kids lose their baby teeth and their permanent teeth come through. Thumb sucking can interfere with the growth of these teeth, altering their alignment, and it can also cause changes in the shape of the roof of the mouth as well. With the help of our pediatric dentist in Little Neck, early problems caused by excessive thumbsucking or other habits can be spotted easily, and treatment options can be suggested, as well as tips and tricks on how to help kids stop this damaging habit. Generally, if a child is still sucking their thumb after the age of 3, it is advised that you seek professional help in getting your child to kick the habit. Here at Great Neck Natural Smiles, our dentist can assess your child’s overall health and provide you with some options.

If your child has any dental issues, developmental deformities, bite problems, or other dental concerns, please call us here at Great Neck Natural Smiles. We will make sure that your problems are addressed by our pediatric dentist in Little Neck.

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